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The Beginning

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Hi, my name is Amy. This is my blog, The Moveable Feasts, and I’m hoping it will become a place where I can record and share my experiences with cooking, baking, and basically anything food. I didn’t create this with the intentions of gaining any readers but I’m really hoping I can use it anyway as a way to keep track of what I make–and maybe to even create some food photography skills and writing-about-food skills along the way, too. I also know I may be a few years (or maybe a decade) behind the start of the whole food blog trend, but in my defense, I hadn’t even realized that there was such a lovely community on the internet where people wrote and shared recipes up until a year or two ago. I have become completely taken by all of it though, and I hope that someday this little thing picks up some of the beauty that I’ve seen in so many other nice blogs.

To introduce myself a little, I’m currently 20 years old and I will begin my third year at my university this upcoming fall. I’ve been interested in food and the way it can entertain and please others for almost a decade, ever since I discovered the Food Network (my attempt at creating my own recorded episode featuring the oatmeal raisin cookie recipe from the back of the Quaker Oats package soon followed). I am by no means an exceptional cook, but over the past few years baking has consistently held my attention more than anything else and I really do enjoy it a lot. More recently, I’ve also entered the world of cooking and I’ve found it exciting and I can’t wait to learn more.

I hope to post both savory and sweet dishes and recipes that I attempt, but chances are that the sweets and baking will win out (because they always do for me). Other than that, I don’t really have a specific angle for this blog, and I have interests that range throughout the whole food spectrum–from the most artery-clogging fried foods to the healthy(ish), or from exotic foreign dishes to plain, pleasing-everybody treats like cookies or breads. Whichever way the food turn out, I hope that you enjoy what I have to share about it.

Written by Amy

June 11, 2011 at 10:07 pm

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